About Us

A Few Words About Us

Resort Rentals International is a provider of rental bookings for vacation resorts, condo resorts, timeshare owners, and vacation properties that provide a home away from home. We deliver a significant amount of reservations along with an individualized guest booking experience with one-on-one communications. Our team has over 10 years of experience in the vacation resort industry and our area of expertise is rental revenue.

We market to a customer base that is looking for something other than a typical hotel. These customers are looking for a home away from home. We communicate one-on-one with potential renters to secure bookings and provide property information.

We also specialize in reducing bad debt for vacation properties to help lowers costs for current owners.

Our Advantages

Free Promotion.Our distribution provides vacation properties with an opportunity to be discovered by a large number of potential renters without any upfront costs to vacation resorts.
Nothing to Lose.We offer a nothing to lose proposition. It takes no time investment from resorts and there are no upfront costs.

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