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A Few Words About Us

Resort Rentals International is a provider of rental bookings for vacation resorts, timeshare resorts, condo resorts, and all other resorts with condominium style accommodations. We deliver a large amount of rental bookings to property managers and resort management along with the best individualized booking service to our customers. Our team has proven success in generating rentals for timeshare and condo resorts. We have over 10 years of experience in the resort industry and our area of expertise is rental revenue. Resort Rentals are what we do and we are very good at it.

Our team generates individual rental bookings through non-traditional revenue outlets. We do not use the GDS, OTAs, tour operators, or wholesalers. We have established relationships with marketing agencies for the vacation industry to strategically promote your accommodations to the people looking to travel to your area. We market to a customer base that is looking for something other than your typical hotel. These customers are looking for a home away from home. These new customers can become repeat renters and generate referrals to friends which may further reduce your marketing costs.

We also communicate one on one with potential renters to secure bookings and ensure that customers are well informed about your property and your policies. We work with rental properties that are put up for rent by owners, through delinquency, and also rental properties owned by the resort. This in turn generates more operating revenue and reduces bad debt on delinquent maintenance fees.

We are a performance based service and we have a nothing to lose proposition. We promote your rental properties and we cover the costs of marketing and advertisements. You do not pay anything unless we bring you rental bookings. We work on a commission or net rate basis. Our commission structure is very competitive with other booking providers and much lower than typical OTAs. We handle availability in two ways. We can book your resort based on availability or we can work with allotments. We encourage resort management to provide us with one allotment per day so that we can offer a streamlined booking process to our customers without the need to check on availability after the customer has contacted us. Shall you have the need to take back the allotment due to sell outs or special events, we allow you to cancel them upon request. If your property is unable to provide an allotment, we can book based on availability. When a customer contacts us to book your property, we will call your reservations team or check online to confirm availability.
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Our Advantages

Free Promotion.At Resort Rentals International, we use a multi-channel approach to promote vacation resort rentals. Our distribution network provides resorts with an opportunity to be discovered by a large number of potential renters. This is done without any upfront costs to vacation resorts.
Performance Based.We cover the costs of promoting Vacation Resorts because we charge a commission for each booking. Resorts do not pay anything until after bookings have been received and renters have checked out.
Nothing to Lose.We offer a nothing to lose proposition. Resorts are not responsible for paying us anything if bookings are not delivered.

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